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  • Added: (2011-10-12 00:30:46)
  • I am proud to announce the opening of the DiscGolfVids.com Video Box. This is a digital video system that will offer members premium content that will be accessible through almost any device with an internet connection. It is setup in a way much like most video-on-demand systems, except it has new option. After purchasing a premium video, it is then stored to your account for later viewing. You pay a one time fee and get to view the video as many times as you wish.  All payment information is handled securely via PayPal and everything else will remain free. When logging in you will see a link "My Video Box" at the top right hand menu. All purchased videos have a different template and larger video player for easier viewing convenience.

    DiscGolfVids.com has teamed up with some of the most elite DG producers to bring you fantastic disc golf action that you usually only see via disc format. The first video comes from producer CoolDaddySlickBreeze: Dynamic Duel #1 - Nikko Locastro vs. Eric McCable. Look for more videos from CDSB, Dynamic Discs, Vibram Disc Golf, and more in the near future!

    If you are a DG video producer and would like information about the system don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. As this is an ever changing system I am sure there will be a few kinks, however I look forward to being able to offer you higher quality content here at DGV.

    All proceeds will go to help support the people that create disc golf films as well as give DiscGolfVids.com the ability to continue growing, develop, and be more active in the DG community.

    * There are some things to be said about the system itself. The first being quality. We attempt to provide the best quality-to-stream ratio we can here at DiscGolfVids.com and hope it satisfies your taste. If you want pure DVD/Blue ray quality, your best bet is to order these films through those particular medias. We will be offering members a choice between HD and SD in the future but require more infrastructure to do so. We will continue to tweak things in order to provide you with the best quality video.

    The second thing to consider is your streaming capabilities. Test the waters on the site to see whether or not videos stream well for you and if you feel that the video is worth the purchase. We will always try to make the videos as affordable as possible.  

    Again, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or post them in the DGVideo Box section of the forums. We do scan for abuse and you can find things that you may not do via the ToS.



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