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    disc golf hot shots
    most recent collection of awesome disc golf putts the last is over 150 ft. putt and the rest are F#@kin sick disc golf birdies from pros alex downs, mando mar...
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    Added: 1366 days ago
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    Vibram Ibex
    Here is a piece we put together about the Vibram Ibex. The Ibex is our first mid-range. This disc is a bit freakish. It will fly straight with a flat release a...
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    Added: 924 days ago
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    Disc Golf Basic Tips - Hyzers
    Nikko demonstrates the technique of throwing hyzers and anhyzers in Howland, Ohio 1/9/2012.
    By:  Brian
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    Added: 829 days ago
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    Disc Golf Quick Round
    Brody Cannon PDGA #34008 Quick clips of a round at Greenway Park. The course is in terrible condition right now with mud and flooding but it was a nice day so ...
    By:  AceCannon
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    Added: 1343 days ago
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