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    Idlewild 15 Fail
    Me driving Idlewild and ESP Nuke turning and burning!
    By:  Hyzerdg
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    Added: 1389 days ago
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    Vibram Ascent
    Here is a piece we put together about the Vibram Ascent. It is manufactured in our rubber based X-Link material (Soft, Medium or Firm). This is our over-stable...
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    Added: 1051 days ago
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    How Not to Film Disc Golf
    Lemon Lake, White Course - Hole 6

    Probably should have been set up some where else and actually focused on the disc.
    By:  Eric
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    Added: 1500 days ago
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    What's In My Disc Golf Bag
    People ask me what I throw and what's in my bag so I figured I'd just make a video. To see what's currently in my bag check out this site. I try to update it a...
    By:  AceCannon
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    Added: 1470 days ago
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