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    lcgm8 Disc Golf - EC Final part1
    The European championships 2014 in Onex, Switzerland right next to Geneva had temperate weather with not too much wind to challenge the players. The scoring sp...
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    Added: 97 days ago
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    Eshkol Park, Israel... A brief look.
    A brief look at the new disc golf course being created in Southern Israel at Eshkol Park. The first course in Israel and the first permanent course 18 baskets...
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    Added: 497 days ago
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    Vibram Ibex
    Here is a piece we put together about the Vibram Ibex. The Ibex is our first mid-range. This disc is a bit freakish. It will fly straight with a flat release a...
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    Added: 1239 days ago
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    In the bag with Kristie King
    MurderMike catches up with Team DGA member Kristie King to see what is in her bag at the 2011 Coyote Classic at Lake Casitas in Ventura, Ca
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    Added: 1224 days ago
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    Hidden Lake - Merrillville, Indiana
    So this is a short, pretty bad video with a quick run-through of the new course in Merrillville Indiana. It's an 18 hole course that opened on March 18, 2012. ...
    By:  Brian
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    Added: 1080 days ago
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